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City of the Great Buddha

Learn about the basics of travelling to Japan with John McBride through exploring the oldest permanent Capital of Japan, Nara. Home to the famous Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple, our visit will include a discussion about the basics of travelling around Japan, including food and accommodation.
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Caldwell-Vale: the men and their engineering

Felix Caldwell invented the first 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering motor vehicles, as well as being the first to install internal combustion motors into railway locomotives, in Australia. Henry Vale manufactured the first steam locomotive in Australia. Jim Longworth talks about their ingenuity, business partnerships, and why they are unknown today.
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Fighting Corruption in Indonesia’s Natural Resource Sector

Laode M Syarif, a newly elected Commissioner for Indonesia Anti-Corruption Commission, discusses Indonesian natural resource and the issues.
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The Honourable Michael Kirby on the 'Marriage Plebiscite'

Concerns regarding the use of a plebiscite extend well beyond the issue in question. They go to the heart of our democratic traditions. Join the Hon Michael Kirby at the Whitlam Institute for a public conversation on the democratic implications of the ‘marriage plebiscite’.
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