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The Nude: Art, Beauty and Nakedness

In association with Nude: Art from the Tate collection, Wendy Steiner and Ruth Barcan discusses the relationship between the nude figure in an artwork and its beholder, and why is nudity both ubiquitous and controversial in our culture today.
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The State of the Nation Starts in Your Street

Delivering the 2017 UNSW Gandhi Oration, Dr Hugh Mackay AO discusses why our neighbourhoods matter and how good neighbours build strong communities. The Oration is preceded by a Remembrance Ceremony starting at 5.30pm.
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Sydney Ideas - Networks for Big Biomedical Data

As new big data technologies now allow scientists to measure cancerous tumors and take real-time scans of the active human brain, are we closer to understanding causes and providing possible cures for cancer as well as understanding the complexities of the human brain? Dr Genevera Allen explains.
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Enterprise and Diversity: Greek-Australian Occupational Pursuits, 1810s to Present

From the late nineteenth century until the closing decades of the twentieth century, Greeks played a large part in Australia’s food catering industry.  Historian Leonard Janiszewski tells how they continued to enter a wide variety of diverse occupations: agricultural and pastoral activities, mining, sea-related industries, itinerant work, secondary industries, and public life.
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