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Fixing the Four Year Term?

"In no democracy other than Australia are election dates so frequent and unpredictable. The capricious timing of elections engenders public cynicism and political instability. They should be fixed at four years” said Gough Whitlam. Join John Faulkner, George Williams, Paul Kelly and Elizabeth Proust for a debate on the issue.
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Sydney’s Cryptic Corals: living at the extremes

Sydney’s corals live in an extreme southerly range and are underappreciated within the harbour ecosystem but yet may hold many clues as to how reefs may look into the future. With Professor David Suggett, ARC Future Fellow, Climate Change Cluster UTS and a coral expert. A Seashore Science talk.
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The Ethics of Office in Public Service

Informality is seen as a positive principle within public sector bodies. But what happens when informality starts to be used as an organisational principle? Professor du Gay explores why formality and formal organisations are vital to the structures and performance of public administration, particularly as public distrust in government rises.
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Alexander von Humboldt - Lost Hero of Science

Janine Kitson discusses The Invention of Nature, The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science by Andrea Wulf, which examines the life of Humboldt (1769–1859), a genius in articulating why Nature had to be understood from both a scientific and artistic perspective.
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