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The Case for Palestine

Join Nahed Odeh, former Head of Women & Child unit, Palestinian Legislative Council, Ramallah, and Professor Peter Slezak, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, UNSW, as they make a powerful case for the liberation of Palestine with Professor Stuart Rees, Sydney Peace Foundation in the Chair.
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Sydney Ideas: Housing Affordability - International Insights on Achieving Affordability with Quality

Real estate development expert Richard Peiser, Harvard University, talks about how to achieve quality, affordable housing drawing with case studies and strategies from the United States, including finance loans for key workers in affordable housing.
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Transgender: Looking Back, Moving Forward

In association with Mardi Gras, Dr Anna Hickey-Moody, Associate Professor in Gender and Cultural Studies at Sydney University, and Lachlan Philpott, playwright of Seymour Centre's The Trouble with Harry, discuss the history of transgender and the role of the performing arts in shaping contemporary thought and opinion on trans issues in a Q&A format.
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Sydney Ideas: Towards a History of Palestine Solidarity

International activism on behalf of the Palestinians has demonstrated a tension between two kinds of solidarity. Using examples from the literature and film, Anna Bernard examines the historical relationship between these modes of affiliation with Palestinians by returning to the early 1980s.
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