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Fake Science: Crooks, Cranks & Charlatans

The use of science to sell strange and fraudulent information is not new. Join Emeritus Professor Brynn Hibbert, President of The Royal Society of NSW, as he reveals some of the wackier examples of scientific fraud, starting in the Middle Ages in Europe and finishing in Sydney in the 21st Century.
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Urban farming: feeding the future

CEO of Green World Revolution (GWR) Toby Whittington and a Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment, Dr Lenore Newman, join University of Sydney students and academics to discuss working on the frontline of urban agriculture, and how farms can be integrated into the urban economic and ecological system.
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What should we do about Democracy?

It feels like democracy is under siege, even in rich, peaceful countries like Australia that have escaped financial shocks and civil strife. Join a lively panel of experts, including Cory Doctorow, A.C.Grayling, Rebecca Huntley and Lenore Taylor as they explore some big questions about the future of democracy.
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Why health professionals should contribute to urban planning

Lucy Turnbull AO, Commissioner for Greater Sydney and David Borger, Western Sydney Director, Sydney Business Chamber join us for a Sydney Ideas Westmead on the importance of "place" in health promotion and disease prevention. and to examine the health impacts of Sydney's changing city structure.
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