Sadly, after nearly a decade of running SydneyTalks, we regret to inform you that the site will be closing down.

We have so enjoyed hosting the site for the past nine years and will always be grateful to Georgie Vestey and Jane Madgwick for passing it on to us.  Thank you to everyone who has sent us details of talks and to all those who have expressed their appreciation of the site over the years.

With very best wishes

Christine and Sally


Please check with organisers of talks currently on the site regarding ticket availability and to ensure details have not changed.


The Ethics of Emotion

Join Deakin University philosopher and author Dr Talia Morag for a good look at how locking emotions up can play out in the way we think, feel and behave with the people around us. Including those we love the most.
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Philosophy Talks: Why does Art Matter to us?

 Dave Macarthur, Associate Professor, University of Sydney, explores a range of approaches to why we value art and why it matters to us.   
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This Sounds Like Science: Why music works?

Not all sequences of sounds are ‘musical’: some sound good, some awful, some move us to tears and some don’t make sense at all. There's all sorts of explanations for this with some surprising links to superstring theory and neuroscience. The University of Sydney’s Prof Dean Rickles discusses it all.
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What shall we have for dinner? Dickens and 19th century food

Mrs Charles Dickens published a volume of menus titled What Shall We Have for dinner? The Australian colonies were hungry to learn how to dine and entertain. Jacqui Newling, interpretation curator and ‘colonial gastronomer’ at Sydney Living Museums, tells the story.
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