About Us

SydneyTalks is an independent guide to the most interesting public talks and debates in Sydney. We feature talks across a number of topics, including politics, science, history and the arts.

How are talks selected for SydneyTalks?
Talks are chosen for SydneyTalks on the basis they sound interesting, challenging or amusing.

Who is behind SydneyTalks?
SydneyTalks was established in 2004 by Georgie Vestey and Jane Madgwick.  From 2008 - 2017 the online guide was managed by Christine Maher and Sally Stock.

From July 2017, Meredith and Louisa Hall are taking the reins as the editors of SydneyTalks. Meredith has a background in arts management and Louisa is a lawyer who works in health and development. 

How is Sydney Talks funded?
Meredith & Louisa plan to continue to run the SydneyTalks website as an advertisement free service and are excited about getting to know the SydneyTalks community.