BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:1.0 PRODID:SydneyTalks Event UID:2019061708000019685 BEGIN:VEVENT SUMMARY;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE: One Giant Leap for Mankind: the 1969 moon landing LOCATION;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE: Room 204, WEA Sydney, 72 Bathurst Street, Sydney DESCRIPTION;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE: The moon landing thrilled the world in July 1969. NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission was beamed around the world to over 600 million TV viewers. The trio of astronauts successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on 24th July after an eight day journey into space and into history. Presented by Judy King.=0D=0ACost: 49=0D=0ADisabled Access: Yes=0D=0AHearing Loop : No=0D=0AEnquiries: WEA Sydney (02)9264 2781=0D=0A DTSTART:20190617T080000Z DTEND:20190617T103000Z END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR