BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:1.0 PRODID:SydneyTalks Event UID:2019081703150019813 BEGIN:VEVENT SUMMARY;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE: Scientists in the Bookshop: Tales from the field LOCATION;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE: UNSW Bookshop, E15 College Road, UNSW, Kensington DESCRIPTION;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE: Feathers, frogs and fish; three researchers work in far-flung corners of the globe to collect their data and progress their research. Their stories from the field are fascinating examples of the diversity of the work of a scientist. Speakers: Kate Brandis, Jodi Rowley, Iain Suthers.=0D=0ACost: Free, with RSVP essential=0D=0ADisabled Access: Yes=0D=0AHearing Loop : No=0D=0AEnquiries: UNSW Events (02) 9385000=0D=0A DTSTART:20190817T031500Z DTEND:20190817T041500Z END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR